we reach our guests on
a deeper level by
creating experiences

Our Brands are not segmented as 5 star or 4 stars,
but rather how each brand reaches our discerning
and different guests, who are searching for their own
personal unique experiences.



The Resorts, Hotels and Retreats share a style and personality best described as a modern classic approach to hospitality. Each is an epicurean destination in its own right, with smart design and intuitive luxury running through its DNA, whether as exclusive city sanctuary or a refined retreat.


Escapists looking for a haven, romantics adrift in the real world,adventurers, dreamers and doers. Rediscover the real treasures… with a refined sense of romance friends and stakeholders.

Radiantly Stylish

Elegantly Dynamic

Deeply Powerful

Artistically Simple


in sanskrit means ‘rays of light’, radiance and warmth which can be felt and sensed but not seen or touched. This is the essence of our brand. It means we know what our guests want, often before they do. It means freedom to indulge aspirations restore wellness, explore romance and embrace nature. It means service that never shouts its name, and hospitality from the heart.


Avant-garde city hotels and very chilled resorts defined by smart technology, dynamic design destinations for their funk, flair and experimental approach, and happening locations where the young at heart intersect and connect.


Individuals with opinions, did-it-my-way mavericks, forward thinkers and lateral thinkers, young dynamic and energetic metrosexuals, celebrating, creating, recuperating.

Wild & Beautiful

Exotic & Passionate

Exotic & Passionate

Open & Spirited

is sanskrit for ‘source of light’ or the sun itself. It represents the tangible: the crystalline dazzle of the midday sun, the bright promise of the here and now, the real deal. Things we can hold in the palm of our hand, and experiences to be grasped with both hands.


Ayurah Wellness Centres may differ in design, décor and the mix of therapies and treatments offered but they share an overarching philosophy best described as ‘wellness that works’ and ‘pampering with a purpose’. It’s spa plus for the savvy traveller, and the next step in the evolution of the contemporary, effective and satisfying Asian spa experience.


Hedonists in search of blissful escapes. Realists for whom time is the most valued currency and who pursue experiences that don’t just feel good, but do some good. These are the two faces of the Ayurah aficionado. And these are the twin threads that inform our story and guide our approach.

Knowledge & Power

Time & Space

Holistic & Pragmatic

State of the Art

Ayurah offers a new twist on the essential Asian spa experience, with a unique combination of cutting-edge treatments a philosophy of ‘wellness that works’ – utilising the best of modern medical wisdom and time-honoured traditional Thai treatments with the latest world class beauty practices. Ayurah focuses on the 4 main areas of Wellbeing: Detoxification – Mind Balance – Anti Aging – Weight Optimization

Memorable & forever

World Class

Unique & Individual

Unique & Individual

Imagine a small but perfectly formed emporium of the latest resort wear, legendary footwear, fabulous headgear, jewellery, arts, sounds, artisinal items and everything you might require to accessorise on the fly. Need to dress up for an unforeseen night of fine dining? Want to dress down in something new and absolutely fabulous? Replenish your beach essentials?